n. the word essentially means to mate like rabbits. It is commonly used in the place of other explitives.

Origin: A reference to the 1967 Star Trek Episode "The Trouble with Tribbles," wherein cute furry creatures multiply at an astronomical rate.

She is such a tribbling ho.

Would you quit tribbling around and get something done?
by Red Smith March 06, 2007
Top Definition
When two females rub each other's vagina's together, resulting in one or both of them to reach orgasm.
I seen two females tribbling last night.
by Ryan.O. April 09, 2007
Tribbling is when one passes gas and it makes a purring sound as it leaves the anus, similar to the trill of the creatures from the Star Trek episode, "The Trouble With Tribbles".
OH my god, I was just tribbling. I just farted and it sounded like a Star Trek tribble. I don't why that made me think of you, but it did.
by Jared's brother September 01, 2010

1) Telling someone that you are doing something but leaving exactly what to the imagination of the reader.

2) To habitually answer a large number of topics on an internet forum regularly, whether constructively or with off-topic and spam.
1) Sally: What are you up to?
Kelly: I am tribbling in bed...
Sally: erm?!
Sally has disconnected...
by l337 Spanner August 09, 2009
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