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3 definitions by Appayipyip42

2. A ball of fluff that procreates rapidly and drains an entire species of resources until they collapse. The species does not notice because the tribbles are "cute."

3. Parasite, abomination
The tribble was taken onboard the ship of unsuspecting idiot Earthlings who figured it was a cute pet. THEY WERE WRONG.
by Appayipyip42 June 29, 2011
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A member of the Vulcan origin race that is dishonorable and always up to shenanigans. Unlike Klingons who actually have honor, Romulans bomb innocent civilians, pretend to be in an alliance and stab everyone in the back to get what they want, and lie to their friends.
The most cowardly race on Star Trek.
Famous for using underhanded methods to advance and backstabbing the Klingons.
Romulan backstabbed their allies when it started looking rough.
by Appayipyip42 November 26, 2011
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1. A Spartan Klingon who is overly obsessed with geometry and engineering.
2. Appa, Yip-Yip Aang says this to signal it is time to fly.
3. Behind you.
Person 1: Ha ha ha, Appayipyip isn't nearby!
Person 2: Behind you.
Person 1: SHENANIGANS! Oh well, I'll throw this metal five-pointed star at Appayipyip!
Appayipyip: Your metal decahedron does not faze me.
Person 1 and 2: $#!+%#%&@!!!
by Appayipyip42 September 29, 2011
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