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1) A term used to describe inconsistencies and epic fails in any game made by the company, Treyarch.

When such things happens a person becomes enraged with the game they are playing, but passively put it off knowing they have been Treyarched.

2) The art of being trolled by the company Treyarch.

A. Prolonged exposure to being Treyarched can lead to multiple rages and the buying of many controllers. If your friend suffers from being Treyarched, it is best to get him away from the game as soon as possible, or he will become medically insane.
Dude wtf!? How did i hit him when my aim was off, but when I followed him perfectly none of my rounds hit and he killed me? I just got Treyarched man.
by IxFuriousJxI April 15, 2011
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1. To make a mistake; bungle something.
2. A failure, someone who got really messes up.

The word comes from Treyarch, game company who fucks up all the time starting sometimes after the release of the great Call Of Duty United Offensive.

Current Treyarched PC games include (non-exhaustive):

- Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty World At War, Quantum of Solace;
Its treyarched man ....forget it!
This game's been treyarched! Its not working....
by Michael_john February 09, 2009
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If you've done something amazing for your country and given a special gift that turns out to be just an "I O U".
"That’s right; Olympic world record setting, 8-time gold medalist Michael Phelps was featured on CBS News’s “Early Show” this morning. He talks about his achievements, his new-found fame, and experiences during and after his phenomenal showing at the 2008 Olympics.

What’s different about this interview is that at the end, Maggie Rodriguez presents Phelps with an early copy of Call of Duty: World at War. As it turns out, Michael Phelps is a big Call of Duty fan, so we wanted to give him the first copy of CoD:WW. It’s well deserved Michael!

Now what you didn’t see is the “I O U” card that was contained within =D… Yes, unfortunately the game isn’t quite finished yet, but it’s close. We’ll be sending Michael the first disc off the production line though later this year, we promise!"

Michael you just got Treyarched.
by EdAlix September 01, 2008
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