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Past tense:

To have treated yourself, primarily a Yorkshire based word.
I tret myself to a new coat

I tret her to a meal out
by DogonWheels March 28, 2004
When someone disses you or does something that causes embarrassment
If there was a slanging match going on with a lot of name calling then a bystander could come along and say "ha ha, u got tret".
#tret #trett #tretted #tretz #torrets
by charmainez March 18, 2006
One that is a complete nut job but is fun anyway...has opinions about anything and has fits on shit like people that power walk in shopko, and drives jeeps into ditches even though they were told not to do so. Has some great times just wandering around and listenin to some music about godzilla hopping around toyko.
Dude! He is so T-rets!
#t-rets #rets #tyler #godzilla #tokyo #weirdo.tyler
by Dirrtay March 31, 2008
What someone will say when someone else has been insulted or shamed in some way.
Atleast 4 people were screeching 'Tret!!!' when Adam called Nathan a big piece of shit.
#owned #insult #chav #shamed #diss
by Hayley Hogsworth March 31, 2006
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