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Origin Greek. Pure, Unique, Outspoken, Fire, Full of Spirit, Perfect. Known to be a Competitive leader, independent, creative, and orginal. Represents Strength. Very Diplomatic, friendly, tactful, peaceful, gentle and sensitive. Free spirited, artistic, enquiring, innovative and influential. Can often be Humanitarian, compassionate, caring, charitable, and civilized. Classy, Poised, Beautiful, Attractive, Sexy and Intellegent.
Treena is Badd, she has every quality that a person could ever want and dream of having. Treena, is a hot mama, I love her because she's different. Treena knows what she wants and is determined to go out and get it.
by Raymond LaDon Inc November 08, 2010
Treena:Groovy woman of rock and roll a love of Music.
If somebody is treena they have to a woman who into music and allso she has to be groovy
by Treena McQueen August 15, 2006

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