To be insanely high on pot to the point of Levitation.
He is so treed!
by little f'er May 12, 2003
Top Definition
1.Being of a higher social class than you are expected and or suppose to be in.

2. Being more sucessful in life than you should be.
3. Alternative Rock Artists
Tom: did you see the new bum they hired here?
Joe: I know! Look at the way he dresses, he is treed.
by TreedMan101 June 05, 2009
To have something posted/written/stated/said/implied/ or expressed before someone(s) says the same idea/thought/concept
11:00 - "Today is gonna be 65 degrees", ME
11:01 - "Todays temperature is gonna be 65 degress", YOU
11:01 - "tree'd" ME
by blackandwhite20 March 12, 2009
What happens to cats when they get chased by dogs/kids/etc, and end up in a tree to escape.
That cat got treed.
by Willoe July 02, 2011
The dimension in which you are watching a movie, while high on marijuana, usually enhancing any effects.
Matt: Joe, did you see Alice In Wonderland in 3-D yet.

Joe: Dude, I saw that shit in Tree-D and it still sucked. Go figure!
by J.rollo April 25, 2010
To be high and see things in a stoned state of mind.
Life is always better in Tree-D.
by Luke Angel February 13, 2012
very high./ stoned.
cuz, im tree'd out my mind.
by cody.g March 08, 2010
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