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Launching semen onto a woman's vagina from a distance of no less than one foot away.

Derived from Trebuchet, the medieval siege weapon.
Oh yeah, bro. I trebbed her from across the room last night.
by Petohtalrayn January 16, 2014
Loner - someone with no friends
Haha - ya Billy nae-pals, ya treb
by Jason Haxton April 05, 2006
trendie fusion (townie+greb=treb)yes my rocker friends they exist and they are kind to both sides of the war.
also called a townie with a heart.
rocker: hi dave you okay today?
treb: yeah i'll see you later
townie: a'reet yoof?
treb: yeah i'll see you later

see any trouble here?
by Ray February 04, 2005
It means someone who smokes drugs that much that they walk around like a physcopathical patato. It can also mean a stoner parent. (Often used as an insult by Kimbo...)
"Mam you treb!"
by Paramoreandbmth December 05, 2015

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