Something one or many might find of value.

People would sometimes consider pirates to be searching for treasure commonly, and they would sometimes use 'booty' or loot as pirate speak slang, the treasures they would find were usually consisting of gold, magic objects, jewelry, and other various flashy objects.
"I found treasure buried just beneath our picnic table!"

"I treasure you more than anyone in the world"

"The treasure of lying underneath the full moon"

"Yarr, there be tha treasure up ahead, set full sail to that ther' cave!"
by abledbody May 14, 2012
sexual parts of a human for commerce or pleasure
her/his treasures were to die for
by michael foolsley November 26, 2009
anything involved with partying which you usually pay for but have somehow recieved for free
as in free samples of alcohol: "who am i to turn down such a treasure."

as in a pile of drugs on a table at a party: "where is the guardian of this treasure, i must indulge."

as in finding a stash of drugs, alcohol, or other similar things: "what treasure!! how could i be so lucky."

as in buying a girl a drink: "here you go, beautiful, this treasure is for you."
by leonidas queequeg jesus February 19, 2011
the hair at the top of a happy trail, that begins at the belly button
Matt:I shaved a paw print into my treasure today!
by Tyler Thomas March 02, 2006
when you get laid multiple times in one night
Dude I got the treasure last night and HOLY FUCK!!!!
by CrackheadRichwoodsBitch May 11, 2009
The fatty alphamale booger thats been bothering you for months on end. Some have been said to grow to two feet in diameter.
Dude that bitches treasure is so fat, how can she even breathe, seriously leaving that monster in there is like, inpolite. Seriously
by napoleon yermom April 08, 2004
c*nt (cockney rhyming slang: "treasure hunt"), specifically person who acts like a c*nt, a badly-behaved child, etc.
Mum: Hope Johnny wasn't too much of a handful while we were out.

Babysitter: Oh, he was a real treasure.
by el revez May 11, 2004

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