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What you look for in a metaphor for a search that can't be described.
Phillip:Let's look for treasure!
Terrance:Yes let's!
Scott(he's a dick):What are you idiots doing?
Terrance:We're looking for treasure.
Scott:Is that some kind of metaphor for a search that can't be described?
Phillip:No...We're searching for treasure.
by Benignvirus June 14, 2004
A Canadian delicacy. Sometimes prepared while wearing a pirate costume.
A friend in need is a friend with kroff dinner
by Benignvirus June 14, 2004
An annoying yellow thing that doesn't know how to socialize and the last of its species was found in South Park, Colorado. Also used by the creators of the TV show South Park to make fun of Jar-Jar Binks of Start Wars
Doo wheep! Mesa Jackov! Doo wheep!
by Benignvirus June 14, 2004
A person online who uses gay words like such as: skewl, kewl, bcuz, b/c, u, wot, wot wot?, wut, wazzzzzz^?, nm, np, d00d, no(instead of know), teh, usez a z instead of an s at end of wordz, rocks/rox/rox0rs muh/mah socks/sox/sox0rs, bout, dis, dat, tat, foo, f00, fo' shizzle/nizzle/hizzle, 0v3r u535 1337 w0rd5, how now brown cow, cow, moose, toast, buttered toast, homeskillet, O_o,(o(o_) or they think they are so smart but really they're just a complete asshole because they're fat and lazy.
by Benignvirus September 05, 2004
A virus that causes no actual damage on someone's computer but really pisses them off (like makes the motherboard beep everytime you click on something) or a trojan horse where you can change someone's desktop picture or disable the mouse, flip the screen, steal music/pictues, etc... Some scientists have nicknamed a possible cure for HIV and AIDS the benignvirus.
83n!6nv!ru5 pwns j00z n00bs!!! :B
by Benignvirus September 05, 2004
prefix- Empowers the meaning of the word. (Made popular by South Park's Eric Cartman)
Aww you guys are hellalame
by Benignvirus June 14, 2004
If you're on television and you make money then your a sell out.
Regis Philbin is a sell out.
by Benignvirus June 14, 2004
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