The process whereby which one's face follows the same shape changes as an aging John Travolta. This includes loss of chin, lessening of jaw definition and general rounding of the face.

Travolting can be caused by aging or gain of weight.

Examples include: Leonardo Di Caprio, Keanu Reeves and John Travolta
YO man! Can you believe how different he looks now? He totally travolted!

If James doesn't watch it he's going to get ugly, he's totally travolting.
by CanadaInDenmark March 25, 2011
Top Definition
The act of dancing while walking.
I had such a good day at work I was totally travolting on the way to my car.
by no fools February 26, 2015
An adjective used to describe an awful John Travolta movie.
Battlefield Earth, Staying Alive, Broken Arrow, and Look Who's Talking Too are so bad they're travolting.
by Myxamatosis October 11, 2009
The act of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance that puts you in a relaxed, altered, not paranoid state of mind.
1 : The movie "Pulp Fiction" when Travolta slams on heroin and drives his convertible down the highway.

2 : Billy: " Dude, How's my driving??"

Ron: " Your cool... Why, your fucked up?!?!"

Billy: " Naw!!! I'm travolting right now..."
by Richas November 03, 2012
A terrible performance by an actor or actress.
John Travolta's "acting" in Battlefield Earth was absolutely "travolting".

Tom Cruise is the most "travolting" actor of all time.
by funnierthanyou626 October 26, 2010
Saying as if your dance moves are like John Travolta.
Person: I'm going to disco, and it will be travolting.
by Marileina January 07, 2008

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