a tart who gets the same generic tattoo as every other try hard aussie bogan...
"OMG did u see Lou's tramp stamp of southern cross? She's not even aussie. shes a WOG"
by louisa_thom December 23, 2008
(n) A British slang term, defined as harassing or assaulting a homeless person.
"Right, these chavs had just done some happy-slapping when they saw some poor bugger passed out on a bench, and decided to round out the night with a tramp stamp. Luckily the bobbies arrived before they could hurt him too bad."
by Olena November 09, 2005
A pathetic cliche that labels a woman as a slut if she has a tattoo on her lower back.
Tom: I dumped Kellie's ass when I saw she had a tramp stamp! I don't wanna be with a slut!
Friend: You could have just lost the best thing in your life you pathetic, naive idiot!
by Billy Bob Bobblehead August 28, 2009
A banner like tattoo on the lower back of a woman between the ages of 18-and 29 , They are purposely put there for the attention , often including some kind of representation of the current boyfriend.
she had a huge tramp stamp , with a thong hanging out , shaking that ass!!
by michaelbartoli July 16, 2006
When you write your name on your ho.
Lisa's pimp tramp stamped her.
by Stephanieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee October 14, 2007
Food stamps...many hookers have sex to get them... hence the name tramp stamps. Coupons/money provided by the goverment for the poor people to buy food.
These damn tramp stamps don't buy diapers.
by Christina September 07, 2004
Can be used to describe either a tattoo above a chicks ass or a hickey depending on which part of the U.S. you are in.
i.e. You can see her tramp stamp, her bikini bottoms are so low.


She went out with her ex and got a tramp stamp.
by Kris June 16, 2006

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