A tattoo on the lower back of a female. Denotes the perceived correlation between having a tattoo in this location and being sexually promiscuous. The larger the tramp stamp, the more promiscuous the female, goes the common lore. Popular designs include butterflies, flowers, vines, tribal designs, wings....
Guy 1: "Did you see her tramp stamp?"
Guy 2: "Yup, just like a target saying, 'fuck me down here'."
by DrRocinante May 10, 2006
A tatto on the lower back, just above the ass, commonly tribal style or shaped as a butterfly - but more exotic variants are known to exist.
Usually placed on the female specimen, greatly diminishing her value to nothing more than a cum rag.

The tramp stamp is an identifier, to warn potential sexual partners, that the specimen on which it is located, is completely without style or class, and definitely not girlfriend or wife material.
Specimens with a tramp stamp are commonly known to interact in sexual activity with anyone that meets his/her standards (usually way above the bottom shelf where they're located themselves).
Among owners, the tramp stamp is considered a status symbol - among the majority of everyone else, it's a verifying identifier that the owner is a low class being with little to no value, except for the ability to participate in any sexual act you can imagine.
"Did you notice that Candy has a tramp stamp?"

"Yeah, figures. She's commonly known to be an easy slut. She'll take in the ass balls deep, then deepthroat you and let you explode in her face, and then scrape your cum of her face and swallow every drop"
by The Real Gentleman December 09, 2014
The term given in relation to a tattoo on the lower back area of a woman.

This term is generally used by idiots and morons who don't know any better and think that a woman with a tattoo on her lower back is going to put out for them.
Moron: I saw her tramp stamp and knew I was on to a sure thing!
by Hevsyuk October 20, 2008
Tramp Stamp. Origins -- eponymous of Tramponi Stampezius, a Roman general in charge of moral, recreation and welfare in ancient Gaul, circa 220 A.D. During Roman occupation he regulated female camp followers, requiring them to have a small tattoo on their lower back and to pay taxes. This lower back tattoo, originally called a “Tramponi Stampezius” was later shortened to “tramp stamp”.
She was such a whore the edges of her Tramp Stamp were wearing off.
by T Lex June 18, 2010
A tattoo located on a womans back, just above her ass that often suggests a promiscuous nature. In the adult film industry it can also be used to identify actresses participating in sex scenes when only the genitals are visible.
I recognize the tramp stamp on that ass he's bending over! He's doing my ex, Helen!!
by tbx344 February 06, 2014
When a women gets this tattoo with someones name it means they only have sex with that person
'' She's got a tattoo of me right above her ass man
In the streets of Warren, Michigan we call 'em tramp stamps
That means she belongs to me, time to put the damn clamps
Down and show this hussy who's the man '' - W.T.P by Eminem
by D_Rocc69 September 19, 2010
a tattoo
"Nice tramp stamp."
by mcappleyx3 May 09, 2010
putting a bumper sticker on a rolls-royce
bumper sticker : Rolls-royce :: tramp stamp: place above girl's butt-crack
by harthart March 12, 2011

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