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dirty city whose budget is wasted by thievery
it's a Tragicity that city has skanks on every corner and trash in the street
by ranktude November 27, 2012
Noun. Tra-jih-sih-tee
The audacity which stems from being unaware of how tragic one is.
Steve had the tragicity to show up wearing those snakeskin boots with the snake heads on the front that look like little penises.

That outfit, like the insert political party here platform, is a tragicity.
by camdolen November 25, 2012
1. Noun. Tra-gick-it-tee A small, seemingly unimportant tragedy or tragic event.
Jack: It's not that she just dumped me, or that she cheated on me with the entire Chicago Bears...it's just that, she broke the news on a Wednesday. I hate Wednesdays! Y'know?

John: I know what you mean, dude. It's such a tragicity.
by Marcie Ross November 16, 2010