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I sat through traffic for 3 hours.
by PocketCalculator April 18, 2014
3 0
The practice of making out with/sleeping with dubious quantities of men on a regular basis. Generally used in a derogatory sense. Asscoiated with Lolita-esq promiscuity.
Emily got tonsilitis 10 times this year?!?!!
Wow, she must be taking some serious traffic
by Chuck Boyyd December 09, 2010
8 8
When people smoke more than one joint (marijuana cigarette) in a circle with a group of friends and someone takes a long time to pass a joint in the direction of rotation. The effect of this stop in rotation causes a pile up and may result in wasted cannabis.
"Smoke or pass man, there's some traffic and the roach joint will go out if ya wait too long."
by marijuanacade August 21, 2007
7 12
Used to accept or agree to stated information; "true."
Person 1: Yo, I can't make it to the game tonight, I got prior plans.
Person 2: Traffic.
by Dave V April 02, 2007
6 12
the act of getting high or hot boxing. Usually done during the day in public places.
Man, Ellen and Brian got stuck in heavy traffic today, you could tell when they called me.
by George Lampard September 17, 2006
4 10
wen some nice booty walks past ya door ;-)
check out sum of that traffic!!!
by chode n phildo September 25, 2003
8 17