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adj. obstructed traffic; overcrowded or congested freeways.

See also n. traffication
The roads were all trafficated and stuff; I didn't make it on time.
by Nick December 06, 2004
used to describe a place or thing that has a lot of traffic.
Man Whore: Wow that party was great last night!
Jellous Friend: No, that party sucked! You only like it cause your dick was well trafficated by those hookers.
by 256Stud February 13, 2011
1. to be hindered by traffic.
2. to be consumed by cars while participating in bumper to bumper driving.
wow.. sorry i'm late, the freeway was extremely trafficated
by Ali Haggerty July 12, 2008
when you're stuck in what was once a small town turned mini city like Las Vegas or DC without the bars, but instead replace w/ stores and restaraunts and misc crap shops which seems to be the only way people come and go from home thus causing heavy pointless traffic
South Hill is really trafficated today, these assholes wont let anyone in, the intersection is blocked and weve been sitting at this light at least 3 times.
by dirtybird loves batman November 05, 2007
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