The worst word in any language; it is the equivalent of of using every bad word ever said, at once. Only the worst kind of acumen use this word without reason.
Jimmy: I dropped my wet towel on the floor, after I used it this morning.
by Ihateclothists September 07, 2011
(v)to like whorish girls,

to ask a girl out only to find out that this whore is afraid to go out with u bcz she doesnt want to cheat on u.

to want a crazy bitch

(n) anyone named andres
guy #1 dude ure such a towel

guy #2 i am not a towel i am a grown man
by spyrkadyrkastan February 23, 2008
Comes in many different colors and sizes; also there are microfiber towels, which clean very very good. The most importance of a towel is to have it in handy for unsuspected/suspected moments. Also it is needed when seeing somebody of the opposite sex because something about them arouses you.
Kaos: Damn you see that fine dime??
Slick: Oh Fa Sho!
Kaos: ooooo Gaaaaaaa dayum!!!!! someone hand me a towel!!!
Slick: Hand me Two microfiber-towels!!!!
by Gerardo07 July 03, 2006
Something you use to dry off after a certain experience.
Guy: "I'm going to my girlfriend's house tonight."

Friend: "Don't forget to bring a towel!"
by laura June 15, 2006
Bring one so you don't get all wet.
Be sure to bring a towel so you don't get all wet.
by I Love Towelie October 08, 2003
Towel/Toweller : Adjective.

Describing how good something was by how many towels it takes to clean up with afterwards.

"Hey man how was your party last night?"
"A awesome 6 toweller dude."
by Tornintwo October 15, 2006
A Stupid Person
Shut up u damn towel
your a towel
by Funny Guy September 07, 2003

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