An individual (mainly male) that exemplifies all of the qualities of an annoying, suck-upping, over-the-top, loser and menace to society that can only be dealt with by repetitively calling that person a towel. Often associated with the name, Drew.
by thatain'tright February 07, 2011
Something that you squirt your hot, sticky jizz in after you masturbate. Better than a tissue as its bigger and catches more of the sperm. Heating it up a little before hand creates an even better sensation for your penis.

Look up Fap Shorts for similar uses.
I was wanking off after a sweaty session at the gym looking at hot women. My sweat was a great lubricant for my dick and I jizzed all over. Lucky I had a warm towel at hand to squirt it on.
by Callum69 May 25, 2009
1. Someone who rubs you the wrong way
2. Someone you hate.
3. To be someone's bitch or pussy whipped
1. Dude, that TOWEL from last night is walkin' over here.
2. I don't even wanna see that TOWEL right now.
3. Stop being a TOWEL and sand up to her.
by Srivis Koonthanam June 29, 2009
A towel is a slag expression for a person that smokes a lot of weed and is pretty obvious about it (so people that secretly toke once in a while are not towels). Quite simply, a pothead.
Derived from South Park where one minor character who smokes a lot of weed is a sentient towel.

Sometimes towie is used instead.
McDonald's employee: "Man, we where just about to close down then a group of fucking towels came in and ordered 50 cheeseburgers..."

Man: "Dude, you're such a towel..."
Towel: "No, YOU'RE a towel..."
Man: "No, I am a respectable member of society with a steady job and a loving family. YOU'RE a towel."
Towel: "Oh..."
by Apfelstrudel October 16, 2006
The worst word in any language; it is the equivalent of of using every bad word ever said, at once. Only the worst kind of acumen use this word without reason.
Jimmy: I dropped my wet towel on the floor, after I used it this morning.
by Ihateclothists September 07, 2011
Something to wipe or cover yo booty around.
Also hides them big ass bums and bouncy tits.


Although better without the towel on.
Wife : Honey, have you seen my towel ? My butt is getting cold !
Husband : I like you better without the towel, heh.
Wife : Ohhh(;
Wife : -Smack-
Husband : -Pwned-
by YesNolol4832859 April 08, 2009
1)Towel is a slang term, which quickly became popular across the streets of Manalapan, NJ. The word towel is not generally used lightly, but is generally used to put someone down you have very little respect for.
2) To be Dan Friedwald-esque
1) person 1-Dude your such a towel
person 2- dont compare me to friedwald... thats low
person 1- shut up you shamwow
by sham-wow!!!! January 19, 2009

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