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A deragotary term for someone who is better than you.
"Well, you're a towel."
by General_Truffles March 10, 2003
a very vague insult, mostly to mexicans. I don't know why, but it is.
your stupid! No, your stupid! Oh yeah, well yur a towel! No, yur a towel!
by slangmonkey January 23, 2004
the act of committing insurance fraud
i borrowed a towel from the government
by saringe October 20, 2003
A pair of assless panties that has a string that goes up your bum. Often worn so underwear lines are not visible or the person strives to be cool just like the slutty girls. Towels are mostly worn by girls but can be worn by a man.

See also G-String and Thong.
Ah, that girl's towel is stiking out again, what a slut, i bet she does that on purpose.
by fricken_idiot August 23, 2005
adj. Nasty, disgusting. Originated when I wiped my ass with a towel and my brother later wiped his face with it.
Example 1: Dude, that green toenail is so towel!

Example 2:

Me: Did you eat that nacho off the ground?!

Geek kid: Yes.

Me: Dude, that's so towel. GOD!!
by Jaredthekid January 04, 2005