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When the NFL is to cheap to pay experienced/established NFL refs more money, so they hire high school referees to officiate their games for 1/10 of the cost. So what does the nation see on Monday Night Football to end the game? A TOUCHCEPTION.
ESPN announcer: "Last play of the game. Here comes the hail mary by Russell Wilson. He throws it up.....CAUGHT! NO! INTERCEPTED!...NO!'s a TOUCHCEPTION??"

Ref#1: "Did you see that? Yes we agree.....INTERCEPTION"

Ref #2: "Yes i seen it. Yes I agree....TOUCHDOWN"
by c-dogg72 September 25, 2012
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Meaning a play that was a touchdown, but should've been ruled by an interception. Or vice versa.

A term coined by Twitter parody account @NotBillWalton .

As time expired on September 24th, 2012 on a MNF game with the Packers facing the Seahawks, Seattle's QB Russell Wilson dropped back for a hail mary. The score at the time was 12-7. The pass was intercepted by Packers defensive back M.D. Jennings. As Jennings fell to the floor, Seahawks receiver Golden Tate attempted to steal the ball from Jennings. Tate had one arm on the ball, while Jennings had complete possession. The replacement refs, who had blown plenty of calls before this play, called it a touchdown reception by Golden Tate. Even after review, it was called a TD.

@NotBillWalton had tweeted shortly after, "Touchception!"
by You Know Who I Am ! September 24, 2012
A portmanteau of "touchdown" and "interception." In football, this occurs when a ball is caught in the endzone by an eligible receiver and a defender at the same time. Made possible by inept replacement referees during a Packers/Seahawks game on Monday Night Football.
"Referee #1: Touchdown! Golden Tate caught it in the endzone."

"Referee #2: Interception! M.D. Jennings came up with it."

"Both Referees: Wait, that's a Touchception! Six points and move the ball to the 20."
by KoopaKid17 September 25, 2012

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