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When a company, in the midst of a scandal, public backlash, massive recall, etc., tries to cover mistakes by paying actors to pose as normal people and lie in a desperate effort to approve their image.
Tom: Dude, I'm not eating at Taco Bell anymore. Their meat's nasty.
Eric: But I just saw a commercial where their meat's 100% natural.
Tom: That's appeasement advertising. Don't buy into it!
by KoopaKid17 March 05, 2011
A portmanteau of "touchdown" and "interception." In football, this occurs when a ball is caught in the endzone by an eligible receiver and a defender at the same time. Made possible by inept replacement referees during a Packers/Seahawks game on Monday Night Football.
"Referee #1: Touchdown! Golden Tate caught it in the endzone."

"Referee #2: Interception! M.D. Jennings came up with it."

"Both Referees: Wait, that's a Touchception! Six points and move the ball to the 20."
by KoopaKid17 September 25, 2012

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