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Top notch. The blending of top notch. Top+notch=Totch.
Bitches at the club be hella totch.
by massivecalves18 March 01, 2011
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Another word for vagina.
"Ouch! You just punched my totch."
by ProgPrincess August 22, 2009
1. slang for Taco Bell, usually used when intoxicated and unable to use two syllables. Orgin was at a Wisconsin Taco Bell near Stevens Point, WI.
2. Name of an organization that reviews tacos aka Travelin' Totch
"Travelin' with the Totch- Yeah, we review tacos"

"Dude man, that T-Ta-Totch was freakin awesome! There has never been better."
by Kevs December 19, 2005

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