Giving a handjob at a gay bar's bathroom.
Man 1: "Dude I just gave a toshtini to this super gay guy"

Man 2: "Dude I know.....I was there....that was me"
by Mr Happy thoughts February 18, 2011
Top Definition
When you open an expensive bottle of water and immediately pour half of it down the drain. Then refill the bottle with tap water and give it a shake. Serve at room tempature, and garnish with a limon.
You ordered a Toshtini? How gay are you?
by YouIrkMe July 05, 2010
a drink in which you buy an expensive bottled water, pour half of it down the drain, fill the rest with tap water, shake it, pour into a martini glass and add a limeon (the key ingredient in Sprite) enjoy.
Oh, man, my favorite drink is a toshtini, its delicious, because im a fucking douche bag.
As said on tosh.0, this is a non alcoholic drink made in a martini glass. A half a bottle of expensive water such as fiji water, dump half of it down the drain and fill the bottle back up with tap water. Then poor this into to martini glass and put a little umbrella in with a slice of lemon and lime on the side and you have a tosh tini
I was drinking a tosh tini with Daniel tosh at the movies.
by big tosh tini breh January 09, 2011
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