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To step your game up;get on the next level.
Boy, boss up and get this money!
by Kimberly aka Farrah August 01, 2005
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can go many ways, used in different instances, as "quit being a little bitch", or "do it, you pussy." and can also be used in place of "fuck you/off", or finally just to call someone afraid of something.
MAN1-"i don't want to go to work tommorrow."
MAN2-"boss up,lazy ass"
"i guess we're just gonna have to boss up and go."
by MrGruesome May 19, 2004
Way in which you start a fight by prompting someone to get in your face.
"Boss up or get tossed up."
by Jessica Skrimp November 05, 2003
to get sucked up by a female dat dont mean shit 2 u
dat bitch said she was gon boss me up after skool.she boss up every1
by baby gurl lia May 03, 2006
1.An act of provoking an enemy
You forever talkin shit.Bitch just boss up.
by ThickJuiceyChic July 19, 2005
To take a massive dump.
Just give me five minutes man, I have to boss up first.
by Chris L Jones April 20, 2008

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