Verb: to download a file through torrent.
"I just torrented the new Sublime CD!"
by Georgio Johnson July 13, 2009
A stolen file that belongs to everyone and no one all at once. Often consists of a dvd rip or a pirated game.
Bittorrent! Where sharing is caring!
by Master Hogginsworth March 06, 2005
A heist...on the internet.
Sandra: I'm planning to download 13 files today off torrent
Melanie: Wow, that's a heist, hon.
Sandra: Join me?
Melanie: Yeah
by Roadgoeseveron May 11, 2010
a heavy violent rain storm
A torrent is about to hit Miami. An umbrella will not be enough.
by freddyflins April 16, 2009
is eating Nachos
"These Nachos are delicious," said Torrent
by TorrentV August 24, 2011
A very offensive term to call a person, can also refer to someone that stinks like a dirty river.
I made such a F-ing Torrent of myself today.
by Possum Lady March 28, 2010
Adjective: autonomous, independent, self-governing, separate, sovereign
I got a TorrentFREE MAC OS X 10.5 LEOPARD
by bojaxhiu January 30, 2009

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