A stolen file that belongs to everyone and no one all at once. Often consists of a dvd rip or a pirated game.
Bittorrent! Where sharing is caring!
by Master Hogginsworth March 06, 2005
A heist...on the internet.
Sandra: I'm planning to download 13 files today off torrent
Melanie: Wow, that's a heist, hon.
Sandra: Join me?
Melanie: Yeah
by Roadgoeseveron May 11, 2010
A very offensive term to call a person, can also refer to someone that stinks like a dirty river.
I made such a F-ing Torrent of myself today.
by Possum Lady March 28, 2010
Adjective: autonomous, independent, self-governing, separate, sovereign
I got a TorrentFREE MAC OS X 10.5 LEOPARD
by bojaxhiu January 30, 2009
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