noun. a girl you can "download" for free.
wtf is that torrent doing here? fucking torrent!
by meghalin November 09, 2008
n., 1.) short for a bit torrent; which is a many peer to many peer file sharing scheme where the content being shared may or may not be legal in the area it is being downloaded. 2.) a circle of participants where the participants are people who are passing 2 or more joints of marjuana in an effort to get high.
1.) The FBI & RIAA came to the house today because I downloaded too many full album bit torrents last month.

2.) Last night we had a crazy torrent going in my bedroom and my roommate called the cops.
by TH0M4S July 17, 2005
everyone else forgot to mention that getting caught getting torrents can get you areested for piracy.technicallly, torrents are 100% legal. but i suppose that maybe about 1% of the torrent's CONTENTS are legal, but 99% of them aren't
you download let's say a torrent for the game I-Ninja. having the torrent on your computer is perfectly legal, but actually having the files of I-Ninja on your computer aren't.
by Xuphor September 26, 2006
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