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The most kickass way of sharing files. People upload the pieces of the requested file they have, and in turn, download the parts of the file they don't have. All those other porn-filled RIAA-controlled P2P networks can SUCK IT.
Torrent files are pretty much the best file-sharing method, hands down.
by Tisteca June 20, 2007
Age group that people apparently like to hate. This is due to the media, those few teens who want to go out and act like a dumbass, and those who want to consider 10-, 11-, and 12-year-olds teenagers.
Those who bash teenagers are either:

- People who believe everything they read/watch on the news,

- People who want to bash teenagers because they couldn't (or can't, if they're a teenager themselves) get a girlfriend at that age, or

- Kids who believe what they see on nickelodeon (uncapped on purpose)/disney channel (also uncapped on purpose)/etc., whose shows depict teenagers in the wrong way.
by Tisteca June 11, 2007
Internet tool used by:
1. people to retain their anonymity.
2. trolls to evade bans on websites.
3. idiots to access websites they shouldn't be accessing when they should be working.

Proxies are usually marketed towards the latter.
1. Person: Might wanna use a proxy so we don't get in trouble.

2. Troll: About time they banned me. Time to use a proxy...

3. Idiot: lyk omgz did u no der r deez thingz calld proxiz && u can uze dem 2 get on myspace wen ur at skool????/
by Tisteca July 26, 2007
A condition that may occur while writing. It causes the person afflicted to be unable to think of what to write next. Typically, the less interesting the topic is to the writer, the higher the severity and chance of occurence.

Some English instructors (different from teachers, who actually teach) will exploit this by having their students write about a topic that hardly anyone cares about. Those who get the most severe cases of writer's block will fail because they couldn't think of anything to write.
A: So I had to write an essay over the importance of having friends with different cultures and whatnot.
B: How'd you do?
A: I got writer's block before I could even begin. And failed.
B: Again?
A: Again.
by Tisteca February 07, 2009
To yell "THIS IS SPARTA!" and subsequently kick someone into a huge well.
Leonidas: Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!!! *performs a sparta kick on Xerxes*
by Tisteca July 16, 2008
Law that states that a sequel to a movie or game will always be worse than the original. No (well, okay, FEW) exceptions.

This law especially applies to movies and games made after 2000, when everything started sucking ass.
I don't need an example for the Law of Sequels, do I?
by Tisteca September 23, 2007
Laughing so hard that you start to have a seizure.
If something incredibly funny were to happen, chances are whoever's around to see it might have an lolseizure.
by Tisteca July 15, 2008

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