To be raped violently so that ones sexual organs, vagina or anus, are torn.

May also occur from having extremely vigorous sex.
"My friend got raped, she had three tears, it was horrible."

"Man, she got torn."
by I_hate_your_face August 22, 2008
meaning extremley ugly
"Damn homie, that chick was torn"
by Johnny Wess April 06, 2005
texting porn. picture text messages sent from one cell phone to another, gaining sexual pleasure and also humality
jenny got in troble because of all of the torn she sent out
by jo jo123 April 07, 2009
German weed
Like masschino likes it in the ass
Last night i was out and copped a torn in the ass on oxford street.
by mer rem April 28, 2004

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