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A word that will distinguise any complication with the common myth of no word rhyming with the fruit and colour of orange.
Brian- Hey Bob, do you know any words that rhyme with orange? I'm sure door hinge doesn't count.

Bob- Well Brian, torange rhymes with orange perfectly.
by Pete616 October 04, 2010
- a fit of rage

- a temper tantrum
1.Don't throw a torange, Bill!

2.If you have a torange in the store you won't get any candy.
by theextratimfrommonteypython March 12, 2014
The only word in the english language to rhyme with orange
Dude! Torange Rhymes with Orange!
by Deth2UAll August 16, 2009
some gay ass tag at comsewogue high school made by a kid named mark cannon its fuckin everywhere
yo did u see that wall over say t-orange
by Oden James May 25, 2009
The shadow that is created when light passes through venitian or slatted blinds. Only word that rhymes with orange.
Close the blinds, there is torange on the tv screen.
by Nezz June 06, 2007
Torange is red-hot orange!
She wanted to get noticed and ended up dyeing her hair torange.
by crazysissymonstermonkey March 16, 2008
doing something abnormally
guy1: thats smells
guy2: just stick a sock up your nose
guy1: not that would be torange
by orangeglue March 30, 2008

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