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15 definitions by Pete616

Just like ejaculation but in the ear. Mainly while listening to amazing music.
Nathaniel: Wow, that song is eargamsic!

John: Tell me about it, I think I am to earjaculate!
by Pete616 November 12, 2010
slutty cow, could mean an actual cow that is slutty or commonly used as two insults in one. Slut and a cow. Therefore being double mean.
Alan: Hey, that Louise is such a slcow, she munched off the whole football team last week!

Ian: I know, she is the biggest slcow I've ever seen! Still would though.

Alan: Yeh, true
by Pete616 September 24, 2010
In France they usually great each other with 5 pecks on the cheek using their lips. In San Marino a slightly different approach is taken. The male grasps his penis and slaps the female across the face several times. Ranging from 3 to 8 slaps. Anymore it is known as rape.
Mario: Betty! Nice to see you! (San Marinese kiss)

Betty: Thank you Mario. Nice to see you too! (wipes off pre-cum)
by Pete616 November 09, 2010
A scrabby Rabbi.
Paul: Oh my God! Is that a rabbi?

Gavin: Yeh, but he was pretty scrabby!

Paul: I knows! He is a scrabbi!
by pete616 October 19, 2010
A word that will distinguise any complication with the common myth of no word rhyming with the fruit and colour of orange.
Brian- Hey Bob, do you know any words that rhyme with orange? I'm sure door hinge doesn't count.

Bob- Well Brian, torange rhymes with orange perfectly.
by Pete616 October 04, 2010
Due to the common meaning of the last hole on a full golf course, this is the true and sexual meaning of, the '18th hole'.
A woman shall expose her arse and bend over till she is able to touch her feet with her fingers. The male then proceeds to collect a golf ball and either can, kick it, or use a golf club and will attempt to make the golf ball stay or go in completely to the anus or vagina. If successful the male may then carry on with the sexual move he wishes. The '18th hole' usually determines any disagreement in the bedroom. If the male succeeds he can go ahead with what he wanted. If he fails, the woman has a right to still saying 'no'.
Keith: Heather, let me perform a Lancashire Shitter!

Heather: Absolutely not Keith.

Keith: It looks like it's going down to the 18th hole!

(proceeds with 18th hole)
by Pete616 November 09, 2010
A female who is opposite of a loose woman. They are tight as they have had little or no sex. Also tight as they are hard to get into bed. Another definition is that these women are tight to men. Men need there sex and these women stop males from having their sex.
Barry: Jackie, can we have sex please!!!

Jackie: No, I am not going to have sex for a while yet!

Barry: Fuck you Jackie, you are such a tight women!
by Pete616 October 17, 2010