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Along with the rest of the Tri-town area, (Middleton and Boxford) it's among the most boring places to live in Massachusetts. I kid you not, small town, nothing happens, everybody knows everybody. Population like, 4 (okay more like 6,000 but whatever) Pretty much no retail or touristy attractions, only the Topsfield Fair which is the oldest fair in America and only comes once a year.
Word of advice: When driving through downtown Topsfield,do not blink. You will miss it.
by Ever_so_sweet9 September 30, 2005
A town in MA, pretty boring. No stores, just creepy stalking old men and pissed off kids.
Sean: I live in Topsfield
Evan: I live in Medford
Sean: Oh really?
Evan: Yeah
by The_Straight-Edge_Donkey June 26, 2011
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