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Anything that is poetic in nature dealing specifically with the weather
Girl, that was a sweet topherism you had last night while describing those cumulo-nimbus clouds.

Students please find the symbolism in this topherism.
by Dr. James Kurger September 14, 2007
A philosophy that branches out of Christianty in hopes of facing your fears and confronting the enemy head on, while still respecting the Tophe's (Bible) rules. It is an increasing popular internet religion that many "practice".
"OMG,did you read the Tophe today?" - Noob
"Yes, i also pray to Jesus and Topher right as i wake up" - Veteran
"C001!" - Noob

"Topherism has impacted my life so much. It led to me being successful!"
by Saint Barbra March 29, 2008
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