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A person that like random people's statuses and pictures in a sexually provocative manner.
"I heard Topher just liked Ashley's picture"
"Oh yeah, such a Topher"
by runrunsteven September 04, 2011
A boy that not only doesn't care about girls, he flirts with nearly all of them and then changes his mind about them; he also dates other females within their friend spectrum. He causes a lot of harm to the emotional state of others and he can really make a girl cry! To many people's surprise, however, he is sensitive on the inside, although many define him as a "straight-up player". The blunter people in society simply don't look past the douchiness.
Hey, lay off, man. What did you expect? That kid's such a Topher...
by the_realistic_numbers112 March 29, 2011
A person preferably but can also be a thing. Lovable but threatening and can cause you to have withdraws. The withdraws you may accure are usually called topherculitus; wanting of the topher.

Topher is commonly also a persons name. A person of amazing and different qualities, rare.
"Oh my god"
"Did you see that Topher?"
"No, I cant believe I missed it!!"


"I miss topher"
"I know the feeling"
*faints on floor* "Sorry I am just suffering from topherculitus"
by The 1 to <3 March 02, 2010
topher is a sexy, intelligent young male who everybody wants to be around.
topher is amazing and fit
by topher October 22, 2004
The act of receiving oral sex while your female partner is urinating.
Wow she really tophed him off

Mikaela gave Chris a sloppy topher last night
by sbwbnwendeh April 04, 2011
My sexy babe with the goatee. Hehe, the sweetest guy I have met up until this nanosecond.
Ummmm... Go get your own "Topher".
Topher is ALL Mine. lmao.
by Pirate-Nicky October 27, 2008
The latest popular item that everyone will want to have for the next week and then discard it once the new topher comes out.
Guy: Dude, have you seen my new iPod?
Chick: Pfft, fuck that. Check out my new Topher!
by Drake3432 March 19, 2009