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V: To run something into the ground or fizzle out.
Johnny quit his job at ABC company to go to work for XYZ company. Shortly after , his career tophered and he was left jobless.
by Bartmanohio August 26, 2008
Fetch, cool, or awesome.

a word that matthewlush .aka. gaygod came up with
"omgg Matthew Lush is toteffly topher!"
by suicidalmurderer November 05, 2007
asshole; cum guzzler
"If you don't take a meiser, you're a Topher."
by thomas3192 June 16, 2008
A nickname that can be used if someone's Christian name or Surname is 'Thomson'
'Yo, Topher, Fetch The Camel'
by CAPSTICK August 20, 2007
Name: Topher comes from the root word Christopher. Were if you don't like chris then you cut of chris and make it Topher.
Topher is not bad but good because The person that uses topher as a nickname is every different and nice.
Topher your so sweet for geting that for me.
But if you use Christopher is sounds so plain.
by Topher August 18, 2004
the most wonderful, intelligent, amazing, sweet, caring, loving, beautiful boyface in the entire world.
nikki loves her topher very much.
by nikkiDANGER April 25, 2005
the studliest ferret you'll ever see
topher is such a stud
by Elena February 06, 2005