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A very old, desert dwelling man. Lives for small children and a power running game. Even though he's male, he has been known to pee sitting down.

Claim to fame: IJPM
Parent #1: Oh shit, there's Toose.

Parent #2: {grabs kids, runs in house, locks doors and windows}
by BigCat03 February 05, 2009
An old alcholic with affections towards young children.
We decided to move when we found out a Toose was moving into the neighborhood.
by Lalala23 February 05, 2009
In 2011, Toose Industries becomes the ultimate trendsetter in the merkin market. Opening up his first store in Ferndale, MI, and then Fresno, CA, popular styles include the Gary Coleman Crotch-fro and the Squiggy.
Have you seen Toose lately?

No, but I did hear him call into QVC to order a Snuggy.
by 2012Visitor February 05, 2009
Someone who is a tease.
The word toose is normally associated with the preceding adjective hot; Hot Toose.
"you hot toose!"
by Kate Paterson December 01, 2006
One suave ass antonio bandanas like mother fucker. POlish as can be but a blessin to the thick girls. this man can single handidly take out a field hockey or volley ball team without a problem. also known as marginus pujinowski, or toose baranoose.
Where toose at?
Gettin toosed up.
So lets call that mother fucker.
by Nigga Steve February 06, 2008

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