every drug known to man, laced and smoked So you get so drugged up you die!
My buddy and I were walking down the street when a drug dealer came up to us and sold us some TONED, my buddy decided to smoke it and he died and i ran away.
#buddy #drugged #toned #laced #smoked
by LD and AD Hawk June 12, 2010
Top Definition
Visible definition in muscles as a direct result of having low body fat and reasonably well formed and built muscles. Similar to being 'ripped' only not to such an extent.
Dude check out Jess. She got so toned from going to the gym.

I need to lose some fat and get more toned, like NBA players.

Aerobics gets you toned.
#buff #tone #toned #toning #skinny #basketball player
by Funployee June 01, 2007
1) To get boned by a Tony. Usually really, really well.

1) To bone someone when you are Tony.
1) Dude, I am so sick of my boyfriend right now. I just want to get toned by his friend.

2) My friend's girlfriend is super hot. She's about to get toned.
#sex #bone #tony #bang #hoe #cheat #really good sex
by Betty Blackout July 14, 2011
when one has smoked too much tea, they become toned instead of toned
man this earl gray is so good....i'm soooo toned
#toner #trunk #tea-a-holic #stoned #stoner
by tea-a-holic June 21, 2006
To be: made love to, fucked, or screwed. This pertains to the literal sense as well as the proverbial sense.
Oh man...I was really drunk last night and these two guys double-toned me.

Dude, I got toned by the physics exam today.
#fucked #toned #screwed #messed up #made love to
by xAfricanx October 26, 2006
The physical and emotional state of mind of being both tired and stoned
Jack: Dude, you look like you need to go to sleep.
Sam: Ya, I'm so toned
#stoned #tired #passed out #drugs #weed
by Sam McGee August 12, 2006
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