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A really great game for a Playstation 1. The little pink-jaired boy is off the find and destroy the evil Pigs that stole his grandfather's bracelet. Along the way, he makes friends and does sub-quests. Sounds simple and stupid, but it is really a cute game.
Scenario: Tomba must go into the Dwarf Forest and find the missing Dwarfs to get information and an Evil Pig Bag.
by BailieEm June 28, 2006
29 7
tomba in swahili means having sex/fuck with a female
i wish i can tomba that girl
by mfalme May 21, 2009
18 8
The legend Tom Hill was the one who was well known for his abundance of fake penises.
You're a Tomba!

That store would be perfect for Tomba!
by Jim Huynh June 27, 2004
8 25