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A really great game for a Playstation 1. The little pink-jaired boy is off the find and destroy the evil Pigs that stole his grandfather's bracelet. Along the way, he makes friends and does sub-quests. Sounds simple and stupid, but it is really a cute game.
Scenario: Tomba must go into the Dwarf Forest and find the missing Dwarfs to get information and an Evil Pig Bag.
by BailieEm June 28, 2006
tomba in swahili means having sex/fuck with a female
i wish i can tomba that girl
by mfalme May 21, 2009
The legend Tom Hill was the one who was well known for his abundance of fake penises.
You're a Tomba!

That store would be perfect for Tomba!
by Jim Huynh June 27, 2004