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Eating out a girl on her period gives you Tomato Face!
oopps baby, i gave you tomato face
by Philopian April 16, 2010
8 5
A small year 7/11 year old, preferably a girl, who often has a red face from running from one lesson to another
They may also have a funny look in their eye and a ginormous backpack or handbag.
A: Did you see that girl? She's running from here to the Science Department.

B: Pffff. Tomato Face, right?

*They Laugh*
by GazzyW May 06, 2010
3 3
The look of Frank Mir's face after his second fight with Brock Lesner in UFC 100.
His face was so red and beaten that it looked like a tomato...Tomatoface!
by Mr. Jingles007 August 26, 2009
1 1
describes someone whos face turns the colour of a tomato when he/she is struggling or is in pain
Ben is a tomato face!!!
by meedagee October 21, 2003
12 13