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Eating out a girl on her period gives you Tomato Face!
oopps baby, i gave you tomato face
by Philopian April 16, 2010
A small year 7/11 year old, preferably a girl, who often has a red face from running from one lesson to another
They may also have a funny look in their eye and a ginormous backpack or handbag.
A: Did you see that girl? She's running from here to the Science Department.

B: Pffff. Tomato Face, right?

*They Laugh*
by GazzyW May 06, 2010
describes someone whos face turns the colour of a tomato when he/she is struggling or is in pain
Ben is a tomato face!!!
by meedagee October 21, 2003
The look of Frank Mir's face after his second fight with Brock Lesner in UFC 100.
His face was so red and beaten that it looked like a tomato...Tomatoface!
by Mr. Jingles007 August 26, 2009
When you eat out a girl on her period and come out covered in period blood.
Niles ate Jenny during her period dude!

*dude 2* was he tomato faced?
by Wtfreally June 27, 2015
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