Big fat child, one upper in every aspect of life, usually drives a car that need more work then its worth, enjoys winter sports.
Man your fat little brother is being such a Tom.
by Relyt sirhc retep February 16, 2010
A short balding man with a very small weiner and a very large ego; overcompensaties for his "shortcomings" by becoming an overacheiver. Enjoys preening and peacocking; takes credits for other people's work
Girl 1: Did you meet that guy who won all those awards?
Girl 2: Yeah, what a total Tom.
by TBIAD February 03, 2010
Commonly known as a retard. Referring to the Tom in The Secret of the American Teenager. Female Toms are referred to as Tammys or Tomias. Tom is an insult, but also a lifestyle.
Jon: "Kurt, do you know what 2+2 equals?"
Kurt: "No.. that's too hard of a question!"
Jon: "Wow Kurt, you're such a Tom"
by Tom&Tammy January 25, 2010
A guy with a little cock that may even be a little deformed. A serious Heartbreaker that no girl wants to be around
He's a Tom bro
by Hambronine February 17, 2013
The gayest person ever. A raging homosexual with no toes, likes eating ass and has very bad aids. Avoid at all costs.
Shit, there's that tom fella, we better cross the road we might catch something
by mcnw11 August 02, 2011
The creator of MySpace, once a computer game hacker when he was 14 years old, who will one day brainwash the innocent minds of teens all over the world.
He will not stop until he has all the friends in the world. Tom MySpace
by Nobue March 17, 2009
The largest cockface in the entire world
Don't be a Tom
by columbianbambam June 29, 2011

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