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An old slang term for a lesbian
"Don't bother flirting, they're a couple of toms."
by Ailith August 16, 2007
57 61
A man who is trying to create evil minions by brainwashing they via myspace. Why exactly he needs millions of minions I havn't exactly figured out. If you have a myspace delete tom before its too late!
Tom might be using his minions to kill xanga, blogspot, and other such sited.
by LeDuh November 05, 2006
592 562
a short way of saying tomcat (n. a sexually active male with multiple female partners, v. to seek out new female partners)
i was chillin with that tom, jerry. that mutha gets more pussy than he can shake a stick at.
by dj ian August 11, 2007
85 67
girls use this when they're talking bout Time Of the Month which is shortened to TOM!
Girl 1: ah T.O.M. has just payed me a visit
Girl 2: T.O.M. is hurtin me da bastatrd!!!
by Laura Booth June 23, 2007
21 10
Basically TOM stands for Time Of Month...
ANd we all know what that means.
(The womanly cycle if you don't)
(If you still didn't get that, then PERIODS)

Otis: Why won't you sit down on the sofa, Dorita?
Dorita: Cos its white...
Otis: So?
Dorita: Never sit on a white sofa with TOM...
Otis: Come again?
Dorita: Time Of Month dofus!
by Otis The Stripper May 17, 2008
11 2
Touches other men
Person 1: Dude, I saw someone TOMming the other day!
Person 2: Ewww, that's gross!
by SuperMonkey June 15, 2013
19 11
time of the month/period
WHOA!! yesterday i had my T.O.M.
by eddiedenson July 10, 2008
15 7
T.O.M is a definition for a girls period, her "time of month". It's both a way to keep it private, but let others know if it's needed.
Girl 1: "OMG T.O.M came today, I about screamed."
Girl 2: "Oh I'm sorry, hope he doesn't visit me too soon."
by Mother Nature's Gift July 19, 2010
12 5