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The act of having sex on each of the four bases of a baseball field.
I just got done performing the Tokyo sandblaster on that bitch at Coor's Field.
by vinny88 November 09, 2010
A sexual act involving blowing uncooked white rice into a partner's anus with a straw.
He's so whipped he even let her give him a Tokyo Sandblaster.
by pleezel23 November 09, 2010
Sexual position where fifteen guys blow their loads on a woman's face then each man throws a handful of sand on their load.
I saw Mary after she'd been rolling on the beach, it looked like she had a Tokyo sandblaster.
by mercurywinter November 09, 2010
so you just heard this on conan and you look it up seeing someone is trolling you
omg conan u so funny when you say tokyo sandblaster
by tntunus November 09, 2010
When you go down on a girl while having a beard that rubs her inner thighs and vagina raw.
Conan O'brien gave his wife the ole tokyo sandblaster last night.
by Oski2005 November 09, 2010
The Tokyo Sandblaster is a scatological activity. When one person has diarrhea, they get close to their partner's face. Letting it rip effectively blasts the partner and causes them to squint, appearing to have Asian features.
In the heat of the moment she gave him a Tokyo sandblaster.
by MissConduct<3 November 10, 2010
Tokyo Sandblaster refers to the act of eating at an Asian buffet and later projectile diarrheaing onto your partner’s face or chest. This works best in conjunction with a helicopter dismount. The Tokyo Sandblaster can also be skillfully transitioned into a Cleveland Steamer.
I wonder if that old couple in the China Wok buffet line is preparing for a Tokyo Sandblaster.
by SFLTimmay November 10, 2010