when a guy is performing oral sex on a girl and drags his stubble filled chin across her vagina
My jaw was getting sore so I gave her a tokyo sandblaster
by majazozo November 09, 2010
The Tokyo Sandblaster is a scatological activity. When one person has diarrhea, they get close to their partner's face. Letting it rip effectively blasts the partner and causes them to squint, appearing to have Asian features.
John really got turned off by the taste of the poo that trickled in his mouth from Jane giving him a Tokyo Sandblaster.
by brb187 November 09, 2010
A sexual position coined by Conan O'Brien. I'm guessing it's when you purposely ejaculate into a woman's face and then throw a hand full of rice at her face so it sticks.
I was banging this Japanese chick last night so I had to give her the "Tokyo Sandblaster"!
by The Stallion God November 09, 2010
when and cat licks a girls vagina or guys butthole while your getting oral after eating large amounts of soy.
after eating sushi , we went back to my girlfriends house and we got to tokyo sandblaster before dessert.
by Mr chimpo November 09, 2010
Sneezing in an asian woman's asshole.
we were sixty-nining when my allergies kicked in, so it was Tokyo Sandblaster
by Blaster Master November 09, 2010
The act of getting sushi with a woman of 65 years of age or older and then smelling her fishy genitalia in the bathroom of same sushi restaurant. Complete the act with sweet, messy loving. Generally ends with a raw penis due to dry vagina.
Guy 1: That party was so crazy last night!
Guy 2: After, I left and gave Mike's Grandma a Tokyo Sandblaster!
Guy 1: Nice!
by duckfox91 November 09, 2010
The Tokyo Sandblaster is where a guy is eating out a woman while "motorboating" her vagina and squints his eyes so he looks Japanese when she looks down at him in pleasure.
My girlfriend LOVES the Tokyo Sandblaster! I gave it to her and her girlfriend last night!
by C-Note Johnson November 13, 2010
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