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The unofficial capital of the universe.
Don't listen to what New Yorkers or Parisians tell you, Tokyo is THE only capital of the world.
by Forza Nippon July 16, 2005
When something's tokyo, you'll know.
She is soooooo tokyo.
I am toked out.
I love that shirt, it's SOOO tokyo!
by TokyoHicks October 29, 2010
Neon lights, a subway faster than the speed of light, kitshy school girls and boys looking for America. Tokyo Tower,
Shubuya and the concrete of Japan.
Urban and experimental
by London to Tokyo to Madrid November 07, 2003
1 the largest city in Japan with the population of 12,000,000
by obie September 12, 2003
Uber hip streets, funky dreads, Lively streets and faster than the speed of sound subways.
Yep biggest city in the world, also most expensive, but culturally enriching.
by Tokyo to Paris November 06, 2003
Largest city on Earth as regards urban agglormation (inc Yokohama etc). Population of almost 50million.
Tokyo is the capital of Japan and a sprawling megalopolis.
by brendan May 19, 2004
1) Awesomity

2) A word to express extreme grattitude and or respect

3) A form of hydro pot only available in Japan, which of course is unbelievably expensive but genetically modified to the max and thus, will give you the longest and craziest high of your life.

4) Once was called Kyoto

5) Capital of the Country of the Rising Sun
1) that is fucking Tokyo

2) Oh My Tokyo!

3) 200 bucks for an eight of Tokyo

4) Fuck Tokyo

5) I abide my soul in Tokyo
by Master Unity Mind April 23, 2008