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a major player on the cowboy scene who goes to the reservation, drinks and gets mean, they say he'll start a war, he hops in his pickup puts the peddle to the floor and says "i've got mine but i want more" then he drives to the desert and fires his rifle in the sky and says "god if i have to die, you will have to die."
he didn't move to the city, the city moved to him and and he wants out desperately
"Cowboy Dan's a major player!"
by obie January 26, 2004
Abbreviation for Dextromethorphan.

Chemical found in over the counter cough suppressants that when ingested in large quantities causes effects similar to tripping.
"Dude, I just at 500mgs of Dex!"
"Holy shit dude, you're going to be dexing for 8 hours straight."
"I'm going to be all dexed out, man!"
by obie December 20, 2003
v. 1. To stare at the breasts or ass of a woman with out their knowledge. see also "learing"
Dude, don't oggle my moms tits.
by obie October 20, 2003
n. slang. A pill of xanax.
We drank some beer, took some z-bars, and i pretty much can't recall shit after that.
by obie October 24, 2003
1. The meaning of life and existance.
2. The method by which the Universe functions.
3. A Math equation that never even ever really even is

the neverending math equation is an equation
". . . that never even ever really even is ending
Infinity spirals out creation
We're on the tip of its tongue, and it is saying
We aint sure where you stand
You aint machines and you aint land
And the plants and the animals, they are land
And the plants and the animals eat each other"
by obie March 11, 2006
v. in comedy: when a stand-up comic starts strong and engages the crowd well but ends weakly and has lost the audience.
Term made popular by Mitch Hedberg.
"Pancakes are great when you start eating them, but by the time you get to the end your totally sick of them. That's why pancaking is a going to be a new comedy term, because some comics start off great. By the time their ending their act, though, you're sick of them. 'Hey, look at Mitch up there! He's totally pancaking!'"
by Obie August 23, 2006
An incredible fuck up. A mistake of insane magnitude.
What we've got here is an AssfuckBogota for sure, Fonzie!
by obie October 20, 2003
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