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Slang Term for hitting a bowl of dank while sitting on, or standing at the toilet or urinal.
Sid: Guess what! Last night I totally Toilet Bowling again! It was awesome!
Nancy: Ugh!! Jeebus Christ!! Stop taking so many shits and smoking weed all the time! It's disgusting!
Sid: *stab* *stab*
by Lex Iconographer November 30, 2011
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In golf, when you just about make a really good putt.

When the ball rolls into the hole and then automatically spins back out.

Typically when toiletbowling happens, it sends the golfer into a gigantic world of pissed off.
Jeff: Really nice putt, it's sure to go in.

Randy: it's in!!!

*spins back out*


Jeff: Pardon me? Have you been toiletbowling today?
by The Wonderwall July 24, 2010
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