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8 definitions by cit

after the girl gives him head he jerks it right in her face and right before he cums he blows a huge load in her left nostril forcing it to spray out the right.
My bed is mad dirts because my girlfriend nasal sprayed all over the sheets, and my mom had to clean them.
by cit October 28, 2006
when a guy is fucking a girl from behind, and the other guy is laying down eating her out the guy pulls out of her ass and she shits all over the other dudes dick, she then sucks all the shit off his dick until he cums.
Dude you need to shower after you got the toilet bowl
by cit October 28, 2006
when a girl has a yeast infection, the guy fucks her, and right as he is about to cum she sucks his dick and swallows the cum and all of the other "chesses" of his dick
Dude right after my girlfriend gave me the cheesecake, I made out with her.
by cit October 28, 2006
when a girl has her period, the guy puts his open asshole directly in the opened labiya and rips a huge fart.
Dude I gave Cindy the stink bomb last night and her poon still reaks.
by cit October 28, 2006
when a girl is getting eaten out and right before she cums the guy stops, turns her around fucks her in the ass and when he is about to cum he tells her he is done, she then turns around and he blows one right in her belly button.
Wow, did you see Mary get the teaser last night.
by cit October 28, 2006
When you are fucking a mom in her bed, her daughter walks in and decides to join. You tell her to eat your ass, and as you are cuming you rip a huge beef and perhaps a little turd nugget in her face.
Larry: Yeah I know and the funny part is it was your mom and sister.
by cit October 28, 2006
when a girl is getting fucked in the ass and another girl is eating out the man's asshole while fingering her own
Sally's asshole is still throbbing after that Tim Buck Two last night
by cit October 28, 2006