What you do to someone when you get to, and occupy, the bathroom before someone else who "needs to go" can get to it.

The one who makes it to, and occupies, the bathroom before everyone else who "needs to go". To be the one who successfully takes over the throne.

What inevitably happens to you when there are more people around than there are bathrooms. Usually happens:

1) In the mornings when an inconsiderate, unknowing, or mean morning person is awake before you are, then wakes up an entire room of people at once. Most, if not all, of the people have to use the bathroom very soon after, and are angry at the person who woke everyone up.

2) When two or more people have to go to the bathroom at once, and someone gets to play the odd one out.

3) During a game of "musical toilets" (versus musical chairs), per se.
(In a house with 1 bathroom)
Mom: "Why are you going outside?"
Me: "Dad just toilasniped me! I told you to not wake us both up at the same time!"

(Church youth camp)
Me: Crap! The youth pastor just woke everone in the whole boys' cabin up! Better go before someone toilasnipes me!

(When I have to "go")
Me: *looks up upon hearing sounds of pounding feet* "Not again!"
by HexMaster August 13, 2007

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