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a person of privileged upbringing, well educated, good looking, well dressed and usually polite are referred to as toff by those who are not any of the above.
"Yo blud, wot r dem toffs do'in in da hood"
by another ampleforth boy December 25, 2009
88 88
Basically poppin someones top, rock someones jaw, hitthem hella hard
Yo im bout to t-off on that clown
by wdubs December 01, 2005
8 10
Medical abbreviation for "To Fucking Fat". Can be used for official documentation such as reimbursement forms or electronic patient care reports.
Patient required wheelchair transport due to a primary diagnosis of TOFF
by Raymo Hadiddle January 13, 2011
5 16
Some quality folk, who congregate in an upper class establishment such as The Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester and take part in upper class activites, such as polo and hunting. Bring it on!
Lord Sebastian Seymour
by Arabella Tomlinson-Brown February 19, 2005
69 107
absolute fucked up wanker, usually very soft
fuck off you toff
by God#28 April 13, 2004
106 154
a prep school boy who wears clothes that noone else could ever manage to pull off, but still look great, can be a little up themselves and according to sources they like state school girls, just like me
ampleforth college boy
by moi May 13, 2004
35 126
a rather white haired chap by the name of soy
"My names soy and i'm a toff"
by Snoyley toff April 21, 2005
11 103