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A delicious pastry, far superior in manufacture to the Pop Tart.
I would like to eat that Toaster Strudel, please.
by Del the Funky Homosapien November 11, 2004
The rich man's poptart.
Mom: Hey kids, I bought Toaster Strudel.
Kids: Yes!!!
by bangkoktocalgary September 10, 2009
n. (tō′stər - stro̅o̅d′l) a. The sexual act of making a design with your semen on your partner (usually while ejaculating), much like you would make a design with the icing on a Toaster Strudel.
Tim: Hey John, did you go home with that slutty waitress last night?

John: Yeah, I gave that bitch a Toaster Strudel.
by YDM May 26, 2014
The most dank-ass pastry one can buy from a supermarket. Fried dough on the outside and delicious jam sauce in the inside. The better version of poptart.
What's that chronic pastry you got?
Its a toaster strudel brah
by isjfoidsj1290e October 04, 2013
When a girl gets sunburned, and then the guy finishes all on her back.
I took Ashley to the beach and she fell asleep. She woke up and I gave her the toaster strudel.
by Betaversion February 09, 2015
(v) To cover a girl's face with a vast amount of semen, reminiscient of the commercials for the popular product by Pillsbury. Also known as a facial, bukkake, or cumshot

(n) A big cumshot or facial on a girls face
(v) "Damn dude, I toaster strudeled that bitch hardcore and she almost drowned."

(n) "That girl was the recipient of a quite large toaster strudel."
by Harvnierds November 21, 2006
When you cum over a girl so much it looks like you covered her with cum like you cover a toaster strudel with icing.
I came so much over jenny that she looked like a toaster strudel.
by Polley July 06, 2006
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