Gun, projectile weapon
We gon ride up wit tha toast and just bust slugs.
by Verock February 28, 2005
A dry sarcastic asshole
"After the teacher failed us, his new name was toast."
by Tripod August 08, 2004
A game played by males ages 13-25 in the midwest. The object of the game is to jackoff onto 1 piece of bread with your friends. The first person who stops coming has to eat the piece of bread.
Person 1: Remember that time we went over to Dustin's house and we caught him and those two guys playing toast?

Person 2: People from Michigan are messed up.
by ILoveThom'sChickenDance October 25, 2003
The thin brown stripe of feces found in your underpants. The skidmark.
I like toast, especially when it is brown.
by The big Dick October 27, 2003
Best ghost-runneroverer eva!
(You killed Church) (Double kill) (Triple kill) (Kiltacular)
by Dmitriv October 03, 2003
it is the best with the likes of bacon, gravy and maple syrup.

"toast is great with ham and beans and cheese and JABLEGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
by bacon July 21, 2003
Common sense.

(Also see Make Toast)
1.".. perfect/good toast.."
(.. common sense ..)

2."That guy has no toast.."
(That guy has no (common) sense..)

3."Start makin' toast man!"
(Start talking sense man!)

4."..Makes no toast.."
(..Makes no sense..)
by sMiLeY February 05, 2005

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